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23/01/2015 Global weekly: Massive and open-ended

Equities rose and bond yields fell this week when the European Central Bank exceeded market expectations with a more than EUR 1 trillion programme to spur inflation and growth.

16/01/2015 Global weekly: Franc-ly, it’s not all bad news

Yesterday’s announcement by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to abandon its minimum exchange rate clearly took markets by surprise. The Swiss franc soared, while Swiss stocks tumbled. European equity markets, however, responded modestly positive to the news. At this point in time, we do not see any reason to adjust our overall investment strategy or individual company recommendations.

15/01/2015 Market alert: effect of Swiss franc appreciation on Swiss stocks and corporate bonds

Unexpectedly today, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) gave up its battle to avoid further appreciation of the Swiss franc. Recently, strong currency inflows had been recorded, due to the renewed worries about the sustainability of the euro and the possibility of a large quantitative easing programme by the European Central Bank.

09/01/2015 Global weekly: Eurozone yearns for ECB action

Energy and food prices fell sharply, but core inflation rose in the eurozone. Also the euro has weakened further. Together with low eurozone growth, these circumstances will drive the ECB to finally announce large-scale asset purchases.

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